During the period of Covid-19 restrictions the normal programme of lectures has continued through the medium of online Webinars.  This has allowed us to invite prominent professionals from overseas as well as the UK to share their knowledge and experience with an audience that also extended beyond home shores.  All the webinars were recorded and are available from this page.

The Creative Journey: An Insight Into The Process of Creating Glass Art

This webinar features Helen Whittaker FMGP, from the UK, and Kathy Jordan from the USA, providing an insight into the process of creating artwork in the media of stained & architectural glass art. It includes a discussion of their own approach as well as how they engage with their companies/studios, clients and other organisations. The webinar was broadcast on 21 May 2020.

Sometimes in Dreams

A webinar held in July with acclaimed stained glass architectural artist Martin Donlin, whose work can be seen in public buildings in the US, the Far East, Europe and the UK.

Treasures of the Stained Glass Repository

Historian, educationalist & broadcaster Phil Thomas in conversation with David Stringer-Lamarre, talking about Stained Glass Rescue and treasures of the Stained Glass Repository. Listen to the stories behind the rescue of unloved & unwanted glass by noted artists including Edward Burne-Jones, Christopher Whall, & Frank Salisbury. This webinar was broadcast on 6 August 2020.

Stained Glass: Display and Spectacle – Pugin and Tiffany

Explore Pugin and Tiiffany through their installations at the Great Exhibition in London of 1851 & World’s Columbian Exposition Chicago of 1893 with renowned experts from both sides of the Atlantic: Jasmine Allen, Jennifer Thalheimer & Rolf Achilles. This webinar was recorded on 18 November 2020.