700 years of the Glaziers’ Company

Glaziers’ G700 Project

The written records of The Glaziers’ Company go back to 1328. In 2028, we’ll be celebrating our seven-hundredth anniversary and The Glaziers700 Project (G700) is now under way: help us to shape the future of our historic Livery Company. G700 has three main project strands

Charity and Philanthropy

The Glaziers’ charity, The Glaziers’ Foundation, is beginning a major fund-raising campaign so that we can continue to support our existing charitable activities and develop new ways to support education in architectural glass art, design and conservation; and play a meaningful role in understanding our heritage through stained glass.


We want to mark this important milestone with a special programme of social activities and visits especially for our members in the lead-up to 2028. We’re also planning exhibitions and developing projects to showcase architectural glass art to members and non-members alike and to explore the opportunities for using architectural glass to create welcoming environments.

Growing our Membership

Join our growing membership today and become part of one of the most diverse, welcoming and inclusive of London’s City Liveries. Membership of the Glaziers’ Company is open to all, and we welcome members with a wide range of backgrounds, including practising glass artists.

Our History since 1328

For more about the history of The Glaziers’ Company, a very brief history can be accessed here.  Those wishing to go into more depth can consult Ashdown’s History. Taking the story a little further the History of the Company from 1919 to 1999, recently digitised through the good offices of Freeman David Whyman, Honorary Librarian, and Past Master Phillida Shaw, can be found here.

For more information about G700, please contact our Clerk, Liz Wicksteed clerk@worshipfulglaziers.com
Glaziers’ Hall
9 Montague Close
London SE1 9DD
0207 403 6652

If you would like to discuss sponsorship or partnership opportunities for our seven-hundredth anniversary, please contact the G700 Chairman, David Stringer-Lamarre, via the Clerk’s Office.

G700 Project Steering Group


David Stringer-Lamarre Renter Warden 2020-21

Deputy Chairs

Suzanne Galloway Deputy Master 2021
Phil Fortey Upper Warden 2020-21

Membership Team Leader

Tim McNally Chair, Communication, Membership, Development and Social Committee

Fundraising Team Leader

Steve Graham Chair, Glaziers Foundation and Past Master

Celebration Team Leader

Michael Dalton Master 2020-21

Craft Representative

Helen Whittaker Court Assistant and Master 2027-28 (subject to election)


Adrian Aplin Liveryman and 2020-21 Steward


Liz Wicksteed Clerk