The Glaziers’ Education Partnership


Renter Warden and prominent stained glass artist John Reyntiens and the special panel created for this initiative

We created The Glaziers’ Education Partnership (GEP) in 2022. We want to work with partners, other charities and stained glass artists on a range of initiatives to highlight the dynamic possibilities for stained glass in communities and the built environment.  We aim to provide opportunities for young people to learn more about the art and craft of stained glass, its history and cultural impact; and how it can be used as a medium for creative expression.


Our first collaboration was with schools and young people in the London Borough of Southwark, alongside The Clewer Initiative, highlighting the effect of modern-day slavery in their community: ‘We See You’.

The participants, from a range of backgrounds and aged twelve to fourteen, worked collaboratively to design a stained-glass panel to help articulate their findings.  Participants visited the Stained Glass Collection at The Victoria and Albert Museum for a guided tour and saw glass artists working at The Reyntiens Glass Studio.



The Mayor and Mayoress of Southwark, The Dean of Southwark, The Master Glazier (2021-22) with artist John Reyntiens, students and others.

Southwark Cathedral was the venue for a formal presentation and reception by participants on the impact of modern day slavery in Southwark; and the unveiling of a special stained glass panel by The Mayor of Southwark, Councillor Sunil Chopra. The back-lit stained glass panel, a powerful artwork, will subsequently go on a rotational display to schools in the area and on display also at Southwark Cathedral and Glaziers’ Hall. We are grateful to other community bodies in Southwark for helping to  fund this work and especially to the Southwark Diocesan Board of Education. The panel will be displayed at Glaziers’ Hall on 19 June 2023 at the annual Stevens Competition Prize-giving.

Feedback from participants and schools has been overwhelmingly positive. Specific comments  will be used to improve future actions.

Our longer-term ambition is to continue to work with schools in Southwark, where Glaziers’ Hall is situated, establish partnerships in other parts of London and, in time, to introduce similar projects across the country, capitalising initially on locations that might support stained glass art, craft- skills training  and conservation programmes.

For us, this is a welcome opportunity to promote and encourage an appreciation of stained glass and to introduce young people to traditional stained glass craft skills.

Acknowledgements and Thank you

We owe the success of ‘We See You’ in Stained Glass to a number of people and organisations.

Thank you to our partners: The Clewer Initiative, The Victoria & Albert Museum, and glass consultant Terry Bloxham; John Reyntiens and Reyntiens Glass Studio, Helen Whittaker of Barley Studio, York, Southwark Diocesan Board of Education; and The Dean of Southwark.

Thank you to our Funders: St Mary Newington United Parochial Foundation,

Newcomen Collett Foundation, St Olave’s School’s Foundation; the Amicable Society, Rotherhithe.

Thank you also to participating schools including: Bacon’s College Rotherhithe and  Christ’s School Richmond.

Resources for Schools: Video Presentation

Thinking about Stained Glass
Britain is a world leader in the cultural industries and stained glass is a wonderful example of an art form and creative medium that is all around us, including in major modern & historical public buildings, airports, shopping centres, hotels, places of religious worship and private homes. Helen Whittaker, GEP Member, glass artist and creative Director of Barley Studio, York, inspires young people to notice and appreciate the art form as a modern skill with deep connections to the past. Helen talks about the whole design process and the technical skills involved in delivering stained glass projects.

The video below was created by The Southwark Schools Learning Project (SSLP) and Helen was in conversation with Kit and Theo from Dulwich College.

If you would like to help us with The GEP or talk to us about funding and making a donation, then we would love to hear from you- please contact The Clerk at

GEP Members: Past Master Andrew Lane, Renter Warden John Reyntiens, Hon Chaplain Christopher Kevill-Davies, Court Assistants Helen Whittaker and Richard Blausten; Past Master Suzanne Galloway.