Master, Wardens and the Clerk’s Office

The Master Glazier, Suzanne Galloway

The Master is elected annually and installed in November together with two Wardens.

The Master for 2019-20 is Suzanne Galloway





The Upper Warden is Michael Dalton.
The Renter Warden is Philip Fortey

Liz Wicksteed, Clerk

The Company’s Clerk is Liz Wicksteed.

The Assistant Clerk is Alison Evans

Alison Evans, Assistant Clerk

Under the Company’s Rules & Ordinances, the Master and Wardens are supported by a Court of Assistants and three committees:

  • the Finance & General Purposes Committee (financial and administrative matters)
  • the Nominations and Advisory Committee (appointments & elections, ad hoc initiatives)
  • the Communications, Membership, Development & Social Committee (membership engagement, social media, The Glazier magazine, the Master’s Social Programme, membership development.)

The Court meets five times a year.

The Company’s charity, The Glaziers Foundation, is supported by a number of other committees: the Glaziers’ Trust, the Stained Glass Repository, the Cutter Trust and the Craft & Competitions Committee. The Foundation and its Committees all provide regular briefings to the Court.

Click here for a full organisational chart showing reporting lines and selected officers of the Company and the Foundation.