Stevens Competition 2022

Stevens Competition 2022

In collaboration with the Dunsden Owen Association

Architectural Glass Artist of the Year

The 2022 Stevens Competition is a co-operation between the Glaziers’ Company and the Dunsden Owen Association. The task for 2022 is to design a window for All Saints Church in the village of Dunsden to celebrate the period that the wartime poet Wilfred Owen spent in the village as a lay assistant to the vicar of the parish church. The period Owen spent in Dunsden had a profound effect on him and many commentators can see signs of the mature style of his poetry emerging during his time in the village. The entry date for this competition is 31st March 2022. The winners will be announced in May 2022.

To download the Brief for the 2022 Stevens Competition, click here.

We hope that this timetable will not be changed due to Covid restrictions but please monitor the website for any announcements or changes to the Brief.