News and Announcements

Reflections of the Lord mayor: winning design announced
Lord Mountevans

Julia Gonyou has been announced as the winner of the 2018 competition to design a roundel for presentation to former Lord Mayor Lord Mountevans at the Reflections of the Lord Mayor Gala Dinner.

Full details can be found here.



Glass Hub Courses

The Glass Hub has announced its spring-to-summer programme of masterclasses and specialist courses which include opportunities to study with internationally renowned glass artists. Visit for further information.

Master’s Blog

The Master, Keith Barley, is keeping a blog of his activities.  You can follow it here.

Journeyman award

Congratulations to stained glass craftsman Aaron Wright of MC Lead Glazing, who received a Livery Companies Skills Council (LCSC) Journeyman Award Certificate on 16 March 2018. The Master Glazier, Keith Barley MBE, FGMP, ACR, hosted the event at Glaziers’ Hall on behalf of the LCSC. He welcomed The Lord Mayor, Sheriff, LCSC members and fellow Masters from sixteen other craft Livery Companies, who also made awards to high achievers in their respective crafts, along with over 100 other LCSC guests.