Clarity in Charity Awards

Every year the Company teams up with the Company of Communicators to commission a leaded glass roundel for the winner of the Clarity in Charity Communications Award. For the 2020 Award, announced on 18 November, the Master, Suzanne Galloway, was among the judges.

The award recognises excellence in communications in an activity carried out by an individual linked to the livery movement or the charity sector.

This year’s winner was James fforde, a member of the Court of  The Fishmongers Company. The award was presented jointly by Sarah Wait, Master Communicator and Andy Lane, Deputy Master of the Glaziers.

The prize – a specially commissioned leaded glass roundel, pictured above – was created by artist Emma Butler-Cole Aiken working from her studio in Selkirk.

Runner-up was Simon Herland of the World Traders Company .

Read the full announcement here.